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Project "VOU ATÉ VOCÊ!"

Objective: To document the growth and day-to-day of a modality that has become one of the main physical activities of the country. Gather a lot of up-to-date information on the sports modality: Crossfit. Photograph and interview the top athletes who train or compete. Show Joy, pain and overcoming that involves the trainings and competitions. The preparation of athletes, their tips on exercises, equipment and supplies. All through many photos, videos and interviews.

Steps: The Project will be divided into 3 stages: Midwest, Southeast / South and Northeast / North. It can be extended to all South America, North America and Europe.

we have already 378 Boxes registered ...

​Do not waste time ... 

CrossPress began planning the roadmap and dates for the first stage. Some of our destinations are already marked on the Map.

Advantages: The Box, or Athlete, that receives the Team Crosspress will collaborate with the enrichment of the history of Crossfit in the Country. It will have a little of its history registered in the Magazine and can leave in the Yearbook Printed. Crosspress will release professional photos for use on social networks.


How to Participate: Follow, in Instagram, the @crosspress profile and fill out the form that is in the right column. Tell a point about you and your box. We will respond with instructions on how to participate. It's very simple, do not stay out of this story.


How to support the Project: To support, it is simple, just share this idea. Follow our profile on Instagram: @crosspress and www.crosspress.com.br. Comment, Praise, critique and give suggestions. We want to improve, and bring rich content to you.


How to be our Partner: Want to take advantage of our visibility in Events and Boxes to promote your brand? Want to put your brand in our posts? Want to use our content in your publication? Contact us and ask how.


A. Bazzo

Photographic Reporter / Photojournalist 0011705/DF

Graphic Design (U.C. Berkeley, CA USA)

Graduated in Photography in the Faculty UPIS, DF

I am passionate about Artistic (Thoughtful) photographs. Henri Cartier-Bressan's phrase serves as inspiration for my work. "To photograph, is to put in the same line of sight, the head, the eye and the heart."


You are an athlete or Box Representative and are interested in receiving the CrossPress team, please contact us for details. We are already closing the dates for the first stage of this year.